Phaser Force

Phaser Force

Founder: Buddy L Corp.

Date Established: 1986

Date Closed: 1990

Key Personnel:
Ralph Kalish
Teresa Rupp

Equipment: Phaser Force was a brother to Phaser Challenge; basically the same laser tag gun except Phaser Challenge included a white phaser pistol instead of a black one.  They also sold a laser tag phaser rifle, this was a two-handed phaser that looked similar to a MP5 military replicate.  

History: Phaser Force was created by the Buddy L. Toy Corporation in 1986. Phaser Force was developed and manufactured in Delaware the whole time it was in production. Sometime in 1987, Phaser Force began to also be sold in white phasers. Some believe they created this new colored phaser because of the tragic incident with a child and a deputy who shot said child because the deputy mistook the child’s black Lazer Tag phaser for a real gun. Lazer Tag also changed their phasers to white due to this incident.


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