2018 Laser Tag Day

LTDay 2018 18x24 3 webThe Laser Tag Museum is proud to celebrate March 28, 2018 as the fifth annual International Laser Tag Day by focusing on the 30th anniversary of the Australian laser tag company, Vultrek. 

To commemorate the anniversary of the creation of laser tag, the Laser Tag Museum has created a special poster that is being made available at no cost to any laser tag location to display on our industry’s special day!

Vultrek, created by Graham and Robyn Smith, was franchised throughout Australia. Vultrek 5 was, in many ways, the missing link between Photon, the first commercial laser tag system, and the three major laser tag products that appeared later in Australia. Those three companies were LaserForce, Quasar (Q-Zar) and Phasor Strike (Zone Laser Tag). While Photon gave birth to the laser tag technology, Vultrek gave rise to the laser tag companies that developed the industry. If it hadn’t been for Vultrek, the laser tag industry would look much different, if it would have even existed at all.

To get two free posters for the 2018 International Laser Tag Day, visit www.lasertagmuseum.com.

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