Laser Tag Day Poster Request

2017 2 posters overlapThe Laser Tag Museum is proud to celebrate March 28, 2017 as the fourth annual International Laser Tag Day.

It was 32 years on this date the original commercial laser tag system known as "Photon - The Ultimate Game on Planet Earth" held their grand opening in Mesquite, Texas.

Photon would start a worldwide phenomena that became laser tag.

To celebrate the anniversary of this epic occurrence, the Laser Tag Museum has created a special poster that is being made available at no cost to any laser tag location.

This year's poster is a collaboration of generations of Q-zar/Quasar packs. The poster we're providing displays (Quasar) Mark 1, (Quasar) Mark 2, Q-Tag, Q-zar Mark 6 and Q-zar IQ packs, which are currently on display at the Laser Tag Museum in Louisville, KY. 

Q-zar, originally Quasar, was invented in 1987, and is recognized as launching the most sucessful brand during its tenure. The original Q-zar Inc. filed for bankruptcy in 1997 and remaining equipment was later purchased by Q-zar Systems in Concord, CA in 2002 which still sells Q-zar equipment to this day. In this poster, the Mark 1 pack is one of only 2 known to exist, while the Mark 2 is one of only 3 known to exist, and the IQ pack is one of only 16 known to have been made.

Deadline to request posters was March 18, 2017. 



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