Laser Tag Museum

The Laser Tag Museum was opened to the general public on October 15, 2005 after many years of accumulating materials of the history of the laser tag industry. The Laser Tag Museum is open to all members of the public and is a free admission museum.

On September 2011 Lazer Blaze donated their front hallway to house the museum in over 70 feet of space in new glass displays. This new format allows for better viewing in a higher traffic area of the store. All materials have been moved into the new space and the previously donated cases have since been retired. 

The museum was originally conceived in June 2000 and immediately started archiving posters, manuals, flyers, brochures, informational video tapes, pins, patches, bumper stickers and other related items for the industry.

The History of Laser Tag is truly on display at the Laser Tag Museum. And you can read about the history of each company on these pages.

We have combed through thousands of pages of documents in our archives; purchased hundreds of dollars worth of public records; conducted email interviews with key figures in the industry and actually sat down and spoken with almost every single major figure to gather their contribution to the laser tag community.  The Museum staff compiled all of the known information, both fact and historical recall, to try and develop this website.

We hope you enjoy the fascinating world of laser tag!